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t can be hard trying to find the very best online slot games as there are always so many new ones coming out all the time. If you belong to a good online casino then you should have a very good selection of games within the casino, but you want to make sure that the casino updates it regularly with the latest releases. One of the biggest providers of online slot games is Microgaming. They have a vast inventory of slot and table games that are used in many of the online casinos around the world. You will find all of the best Microgaming slots in good quality online casinos such as Casino Action and Luxury Casino. You will also get new additions added to these casinos every month when they release their latest games.

The quality of the latest online slot games is incredible. Advancement in technology has allowed for more detailed and complex programming, which in turn leads to games with amazing graphics and innovative bonus features. The emphasis on these games is for the player to have a lot of fun while they play, and Microgaming seems to have this down to a tee.

In 2014, they have released some blockbuster new slot games, such as the Jurassic Park slot and the Terminator II slot game. The games are as action-packed as the movies, and when you get to the bonus rounds you will love the features that Microgaming have provided. They are very interactive and really get you as the player involved in the game, and making decisions that can boost your winnings.

Large jackpots

Not only are these slot games a lot of fun to play, but they can also be very lucrative due to the massive top awards that some of these online slot games have. There are some progressive machines that have jackpots that start in the 6-figure range, and can move up into the 7-figure range sometimes. There have been many million dollar jackpots won on some of the online slot games, so this is another reason why they are very popular.

Even the newer video slot games such as the ones mentioned above have very high 5-figure, and sometimes even 6-figure jackpots. So the potential is there to win a significant amount of money while you enjoy your time playing these amazing games.

Some of the old favorite games such as video poker are also made by Microgaming, and can be found in these online casinos. These games have stood the test of time and are still one of the most popular slot games played, even with all of these new video slots coming out on a regular basis.

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