Poker Coaching

At we believe that it is definitely challenging to do a “one-size-fits-all” method of poker coaching unless all the players are on an incredibly rudimentary level. Every poker player is unique and everyone’s performance is a little unique. Much like a golf swing trainer assists a golfer with his/her particular golf swing, grip, posture, and so on. I do the same for competitors that I train.

Essentially what we do is design coaching specifically influenced by your game, your observed problem areas, and the games you are going to play going forward. That way you can receive the maximum out of what we teach you. We do this by way of a number of one or two phone interviews to get a feel for your game, which we take considerable notes about. Then as soon as we get together face-to-face, we train based off a personalized program for YOU. We do have a 100-point program that I built and teach from. Some of those areas will be entirely related to you, some will not. We will spend more time on some and less on others, etc. In the end, we spend several days reviewing everything we have highlighted and give you a complete document of all our time together; what you succeed at, what you should work on, and what you require going forward. We also remain in touch with you in the future to answer any questions and we truly do that for all our participants.

In our poker coaching, we spread sessions out over the course of 1-2 weeks, which is your choice based on your type of play and the game-related topics you want to review. You can use your entire time all at once or spread it out over a 4 week period. We send you a written analysis of each phone session by email highlighting the topics we have gone over. Skype is also available for this type of poker coaching.

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