Online Gambling in the Netherlands

Online Gambling is in the Netherlands just like in Sweden a lot of fun. But because of the ongoing legalization in the Netherlands, you need to follow some rules to play here. The Dutch government has created the “Dutch Gambling Authority”, also known as the “Kansspelautoriteit”. The Kansspelautoriteit keeps an eye on the online gambling market in the Netherlands. Until the law of legalization has been established, players can only play at online casino’s that follow specific rules. On you could find more information about Dutch online gambling.

These rules are the following:

  • No more Dutch language on the website of the online casino.
  • No more advertising on paper, like flyers and newspapers.
  • No more advertising on radio and television.

So if you follow those rules, there would be no problem. If you gamble at an illegal Dutch casino, the Dutch Gambling Authority is able to give you a high fine. There is until now, not a single player who received a fine. As you can see, it is completely safe to do online gambling in the Netherlands. Blackjack, Roulette and other casino games like Poker and Slots are very famous. You will definitely find these games in Dutch online casino’s. Not only these games, but also high bonuses can be found in Holland. Have fun playing casino games.

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