How to Think like a Poker Pro?

Real poker professionals like Alec Torelli are very analytical. They evaluate situations logically and most importantly, separate the facts from the noise.

They do two things extremely well:

  1. They go deep into analysis.
  2. They think independently of the results.

Just because I got caught bluffing, doesn’t necessarily mean it was a mistake. If for example, our opponent folds 80% of the time, then surely it’s a great opportunity to bluff. Which means that before making the play, bluffing is the correct decision. Things get confusing when the play doesn’t work.

Was it a mistake to bluff?

Of course not. Just because you got caught (meaning it was one of the unlikely 20% times), the play is still correct.


Because your expectation in making the play is fixed, and it is not influenced or altered by the results. The ability to separate the result from the expectation is the very essence of what it means to be a successful poker player. And that ability is crucial. How else could a poker player maintain confidence and play well during the inevitable downswings?

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